Name: Ray Reynolds
The Godfather of Credit
Entrepreneur, (1900-Present)

Ray Reynolds life has been about faith and persistence. According to Ray, "God's delay is not God's denial. If you have faith and persistence, you can get through anything."

Ray Reynolds - Biography

He has made over $200 million dollars in his lifetime, starting to work at the tender age of five. His childhood was filled with turmoil and abuse, but he overcame the early difficulties of his life to become a husband, father, and successful businessman. 

Now Ray is an ordained minister, with a mission to motivate people to find what they need through the three keys to success: Focus, Determination, and Knowledge. In Faith, Ray uses the wisdom and discipline he has learned to make the most of the difference he can for children, families, the community and the world in the remaining time God has given him. 

Ray is a prolific author and has not only set up his own companies but assisted other in creating or growing their own companies. The following is a list of the many good things Ray has been part of: 

1. Ray has achieved black belts in Kenpo, Judo, and Tang Soo Do. 

2. He was a consultant for companies such as Apple, IBM, and Boeing in the 1980s. From aerospace and communications to companies involved in commercial and military products, Ray helped many companies improve and streamline their quality and manufacturing materials management. 

3. Ray became known as the king of satellite televisions in the 1980s, with retail stores specializing in the sale and installation of satellites into people's homes and businesses. 

4. Ray has headlined thousands of seminars and workshops to educate and inspire people on understanding their personal or corporate credit, setting up new businesses and setting goals that will transform their lives. 

Every time Ray has gone through any difficulties in his life he has felt God’s hand


I have been through much turmoil in my life and I see it as a test of my faith in God. As of 3 years old, I was being dropped off at Redondo Beach each day begging for food until I was 5 years old. At the age of 5, I started making handmade clackers and started selling them at schools and door to door throughout the neighborhood. By the ages of 6-7 selling flower seeds was also part of my life, as I got older these little jobs got a little better by the ages of 8-11 I would go door to door mowing yards for $1.00 for the front yard and $2.00 for front and back yard.


My life as a child wasn’t normal but I still managed to make something out of it and become the person I am today. Once I became a teenager I started creating and building stuff, like becoming the founder of Helping Hands Industries after building corporate credit the man I lived with took the corporation from me and the only thing I could do was to start over again.

The Start Of My Business Life

After this incident occurs I decided to move to Costa Mesa where I was tested and found out I was a very intelligent young man, the family that had taken me in signed me over and I was sent away. As I came back to Orange County by the age of 21, as I settling in God was waiting with a blessing, that blessing was an open door to work for Apple, IBM and Boeing. God giving me these opportunities just made me appreciate more life and see that god never gave up on me just gave obstacles to prove people wrong.


As I continued working I was blessed again by getting the opportunity to teach at YMCA gym during my time at the gym I managed to break the world record for the highest kick ever recorded. As the blessings god was giving me continued I made big moves in my life I purchased an Apartment complex, A mobile home park and started a chain of satellite stores. Later on, during the years I was asked to teach a class on corporations and personal credit and since I seem to be one of the smartest guys around I found myself in front of hundreds and hundreds of people for 25 years straight, I helped millions of people and as God kept blessing me I would give those blessing in return to the people in need.



I thought I was living life to the fullest at this point I had everything I wanted at this point a beautiful family, a beautiful home and an amazing collection of cars. I was helping thousands of people; I wrote 40 books on credit and other stuff; bills were paid and everything was great especially as I was happy and content that I was fortunate enough to be in a position to freely give back to society. Then suddenly, I found myself in a coma.


I took 80 people from my church on my boat to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. The next day I was in a coma. Others close to me felt that apparently this was Jesus saying it’s my time. All the while I found myself fighting with Jesus saying that I need to go back and take care of my family. During the time I was in the coma, my management team decided to transfer my entire financial life to themselves. After emerging from the coma and able to once again walk around, albeit, with an air tank, I found that all of my assets were gone: 10 million dollars of houses, boats, cars and bank accounts were no longer in my possession.


I was determined to fight to regain possession of all the assets that were rightfully mine.

I started with just my laptop and kitchen table and was soon earning 8 thousand per day at which time one of my clients, Jeff, offered to help me manage my account payables. As it turned out, the only payable Jeff did pay was to himself. Ultimately, I took over and paid all the overdue bills.


In the ensuing years, I have registered 9 patents and written 12 books. My life and message are now dedicated to sharing my lessons with others all the while moving forward in life with God’s message in my ear every day. Jesus has helped me hold it all together through my travails and now I want to help others and make this world a better place.


The beauty of my program is that it teaches you how to do it yourself and also includes the opportunity to attend free weekend workshops. Of course, that also means that you must do your part to make it work.

I offer anyone who feels that they didn't get what they were promised and expected to simply give me a call and I will endeavor to make it right.

A matter of faith and ethics

The biology of life informs me that I only have a few decades left at the most and I want to use that time to help as many as I can. Over 2000 testimonials say that I am accomplishing that, but I want to help more. And if you are already a client of mine and feel that you haven’t received everything you expected when ordered I'll be more than happy to arrange delivery to you right away at no additional cost. Please send me a copy of your receipt and I will ship the product you are missing.


My faith and ethics guide me each and every day. If a person feels that the program didn't work, I want to help steer them toward success because if you truly commit yourself to the work involved I assure you it will work!

-Ray Reynolds